Tomas Reimers
My name is Tomas, and I like to design and develop websites, apps, and other software.
Web Development
HTML, CSS, PHP (including popular frameworks: CodeIgniter, WordPress, MediaWiki), and JS (including popular libraries: jQuery, Angular, jQuery Mobile, etc.)
Mobile Development
Objective-C and Phonegap
Desktop Development
C and Python
Graphic Design
Photoshop and Illustrator
SQL (MySQL, SQLite, and Postgres), Git, Markdown, and LaTeX
Helped lead the overhaul of the blog network at Harvard. Participated in administrative decision, helped upgrade WordPress core, and developed plugins to gather usage statistics of the network.
A countdown until the end of high school senior year, including all major events.
Very simply study tool, eventually used by entire high school Chinese class.
Designed and developed the UI.
A MediaWiki plugin to completely revert a wiki to a previous state in time.
A dashboard view for
A way to provide more information about Github repos without linking users out to Github.
A mobile app (phonegap to deploy on iOS/android) for
An economics review game.
Program developed for my school to programmatically parse school schedules and generate visual schedules.
Teaching Fellow for CS50
August 2013 - December 2013
Taught section, held office hours, graded work, and advised students on final projects for Harvard's introductory computer science course.
June 2012 - August 2013
Developed software that powered the work of the center, ranging from MediaWiki extensions to remove spam from teaching wikis to iPhone apps that allow users to report internet censorship globally.